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Who We Are


Our mission is to create an environment where all students can learn, grow, and change in order to reach their highest potential and become productive citizen in and ever-evolving society.

We believe that it takes a Village of caring adults to build Patriots into students who persevere and can make the right decisions and
do the right thing at the right time when they need to because they’ve learned from mistakes.

• We believe in a village who laughs, smiles, has fun, and has your back.

• We believe that students should feel emotionally, personally, and physically safe because they are surrounded by highly qualified             and emotionally intelligent professionals who build safe and trusting relationships.

• We believe in achieving Patriot potential, persevering to high standards, and NO Excuses!



Today, I will do my best to be a star Patriot.

I will be kind!
I will be safe!
I will be respectful!
I will be responsible!
I will be the best I can be!
I know it is up to me!